Tradegear vision:

Redefine self-directed investing and trading

Investor remains in full control - pain taken out from everything else

Continuous research packed in actionable insights

Personalised and guided opportunity discovery

Objective, quantitative methods and strict risk management

Automatic order execution, beautiful reports

Our Mission:

Millions of investors and traders struggle trying to preserve and grow their hard earned capital.

They are confused with thousands of financial instruments and all the different ways to invest. Many lack time to follow events in volatile markets and miss good opportunities. They are frustrated with work needed to enter and manage orders and suffer horrendous losses and miss good profits. Many institutions and people (pretend to) offer help but we believe they're either not doing enough or have serious conflicts of interest. tradegear was founded to bring investing and trading support to completely new level of convenience, efficiency, time saving, ease of use and cost-effectiveness, with special focus on mobile and wearable devices, serving needs of both individual and institutional customers.

Our Products

We develop products unique in their clarity, ease of use, content breath, customization options and range of innovative and proprietary features, all for very attractive prices with best value forthe money on the market.

We distinguish ourselves by providing specific and actionable insights into all major classes of financial instruments (stocks, ETFs, currencies, futures and options), significantly reducing time and effort needed to reach and execute investment and trading decisions. We support users in all phases of an investment or trade: security / marketselection, entry criteria, order submission and management and finally exit criteria. Our special focus is on mobile and wearable devices.Our services fit naturally and seamlessly into user experience with smartphones, tablets and new wave of wearable devices like Google Glass, Samsung Gear, Sony SmartWatch and future Apple iWatch.

Our Team

Company founders have more than 35 years of combined business and IT experience and strong passion for financial markets and mobile devices.

We have proven track record of delivering together on challenging business ventures and IT projects. If you'd like to learn more, contact us at